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Welcome to Adventure With a Purpose

My name is Lee Ann Shobe, and I am excited to share with you my inspirations for starting my blog and what you will experience if you come along with me on my adventures.

Why I started my blog

Prior to moving to Fernandina Beach, Florida, my husband, and I lived in Colorado for 21 years. It was in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains that I first began to appreciate the magic of nature and the thrill of adventure as I immersed myself into numerous outdoor sports and mountain activities.

After moving to Florida, my inquisitive nature was captivated by the alluring landscapes, rich history, and vast shorelines, sparking the idea to start an adventure blog.

My blog, Adventure with Purpose, was created as a way for me and my husband to stay active, challenge my adventurous spirit, rediscover my love and respect for history, and inspire others to keep moving and follow their passion.

I plan to explore new trails and cities, research historical sites, and write about my adventures from a personal and honest perspective.

Thank you to those of you joining me on these journeys.

See you on the trail,

Lee Ann

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