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Are You Sitting Down?

Are You Sitting Down is a memoir of the journey of two single mothers who were unlikely friends but, through a meeting of fate, ended up forging an unbreakable bond, overcoming dangerous involvements and multiple tragedies. After hearing our story, people ask, “When will you write your book”? 


We always knew we had a story that needed to be told, but life got in the way until now! Enjoy an excerpt (work in progress) of Are You Sitting Down?



Many people will walk in and out of your life,

but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

 Author unknown


It was a blistering hot day on Sunday, August  12, 2007.  I was grudgingly trying to finish my weekend chores to prepare for the busy work week ahead.  As evening approached, my husband and I  decided to cook dinner on our outside grill.  Our patio faced the mountains and offered a stunning view of the Book Cliff Mountain Range, which is a recreational playground in our area for those looking for adventure.  We commented on how fortunate we were to live and work in these magnificent mountains surrounding us.  

As the sun lowered in the blue and red-streaked sky, I  settled into my home office to prepare notes for the next day’s meeting when the phone rang.  My first instinct was to ignore the call so I could continue with what I was doing until I saw the caller was from my best friend’s mom. 


I knew before I picked up the phone that something was wrong.  A sick feeling instantly came over me, and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.  I reluctantly answered, and I heard a sweet but shaky voice say,  “Lee honey, are you sitting down?” she paused, then said, “You need to call Faith; John died on the mountain today.”

Before I made that heart-wrenching call, a wide range of emotions engulfed me, fluctuating between sorrow and anger, that she was cursed to relive this horror.  Suddenly, I felt myself being transported back to 1981 and began to recall those memories. 

We each experienced our emotional struggles and heartaches. Still, we ultimately understood that because of our love for our children and the refusal to give up hope, there is light after darkness. 

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